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Apartment separation wall for FHA STC 57

Good news.
The sound transmission loss in building #8 has improved from FSTC42 to a FSTC57 between the great room walls with the addition of the RSIC-1™ clips. The sound transmission loss in building #8 has improved from FSTC45 to a FSTC57 between the kitchen walls with the addition of the RSIC-1™ clips. We estimated a STC62 wall (as tested with the RSIC-1™ clips in a laboratory), with the average STC loss with field conditions in place of 5 STC pts. This would mean a field FSTC57, which is right where we are. The installers did a good job. Just a reminder, the FHA Criteria for Grade 1 quality and location grade, is STC55.

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RSIC-1™ Isolation System

I’d like to tell you how impressed I am with PAC International’s Resilient Sound Isolation Clip (RSIC™) system, now that I’ve had the opportunity to install it myself in my own home.

As a practicing acoustical consulting engineer, I have specified the RSIC-1™ product for several projects, and I’ve also conducted ASTM sound insulation tests on a few installations. Based on that experience, I chose the RSIC™ system when I recently tackled a noise transmission problem in my home.

Our 10-year old house is an unusual design; the master bedroom is on the ground floor and the two other bedrooms are directly above it. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize until we moved it that the sound transmission through the floor/ceiling was terrible. We were bothered by the slightest sounds from upstairs such as one of our teenagers talking quietly on the phone or rolling over in bed during the night. It was truly awful!

After two years of coping with this stressful situation, I decided to fix it. I ripped out the ceiling, and discovered (as I suspected), that it was ½″ gypsum board directly attached to the joists with no insulation in the cavity. I chose the RSIC system for the new ceiling because I wanted to maximize the improvement in sound insulation. I installed two layers of 5/8″ gypsum board on 7/8″ furring channel with the RSIC-1™ clips spaced at 16″, and added 6″ fiberglass batt insulation.

I was very impressed with how easy it was to install the RSIC™ system, and how unlike resilient channel, it is virtually impossible to short circuit the resilient attachment it provides by using screws that are too long (a problem we often see in the field when resilient channel is used).

The new ceiling has made a tremendous difference to our peace of mind and our enjoyment of our home. We can now carry on normal lives, and living below two teenagers is no longer unbearable.

The RSIC™ system is a great product – very effective and very easy to install. Sincerely,

Joseph (Joe) C. Begin, PE
Acoustical Engineer

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Condo noise solution

The demising wall in our Villa was reconstructed per your specifications. The project was performed in November 2003. Since then we have had a few months to evaluate the results.

In the Bedroom and Walk In Closet areas we were able to follow your specifications. The results in these areas are superb. We have not heard voice or movement sounds from our neighbor since the project was completed. If you will recall, our neighbor has a Jacuzzi tub in her bath. The sound of this, in these areas, has been reduced to less than the sound of the furnace running in our unit.

In our Bathroom, due to the shower, we could not use your system. Here we could only add insulation and another layer of gypsum. The results in this area is no improvement. Fortunately, this is isolated from the Bedroom and does not affect our sleep. I’ve suggested to the builder that they should, in the future, treat the source wall when a Jacuzzi is installed.

My wife and I would like to thank you for your tremendous input in solving our problem. Your knowledge and interest has made our Villa more like a Home.

Gratefully, Steve

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