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Resilent Sound Isolation Adjustable

Direct Mount RSIC-1 ADM

The RSIC-1 ADM™ is intended for use under a concrete slab or steel deck floor system, for a dropped drywall ceiling. The RSIC-1 ADM™ is fastened directly to the underside of the concrete using a 3″ or 4″ drive pin supplied by PAC International, Inc. A threaded cup washer is then installed to the pin, then the RSIC-1 ADM™ is threaded onto the drive pin, and set to height. The RSIC-1 ADM™ will boost the Impact Isolation Class (IIC) of the assembly by up to 20 IIC pts and 10 STC pts.

RSIC-1 ADM Direct Mount


  1. Clip Dimensions RSIC-ADM (PDF)
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