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RSIC-1-Perimeter Resilient Sound Isolation Clips

For Wall & Floor Ceiling Assemblies

The RSIC-1-Perimeter Cip is used at the end of a furring channel run where there is no joist to directly attach the RSIC-1 to. The RSIC-1-PC clip can be fastened to either a vertical stud, or the top plate of a wall to create a secure connection for the furring channel. The RSIC-1-PC clip can also be used to replace the current RSIC-1 EXT04 clip when ceiling height is a concern. The RSIC-1-PC clip can be installed Parallel to the joist allowing the drywall furring channel to extend as little as 1/2″ below the joist. This keeps the ceiling height loss to a minimum, the RSIC-1 clip installed to the under side of a joist creates a 1-5/8″ air space between the bottom of the joist and the back of the gypsum board. Use caution when using the RSIC-1-PC parallel to the joist, the reduced distance from the joist can result in a short circuit if the gypsum board is fastened to the joist. Only fasten the gypsum board to the drywall furring channel that is being supported by the RSIC-1-PC clip.

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