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RSIC with Tube/Bar Truss

Connector Assembly RSIC-1 TTC

The RSIC-1 TTC™ is designed for use with steel web joists. The RSIC-1 TTC™ attaches directly to the bottom cord of the steel truss. This assembly decouples the Gypsum Board from the steel joist, giving the assembly enhanced acoustical performance, while maintaining a fire resistive design. Classified for use in G500 series by U.L. The RSIC-1 TTC™ is a RSIC-1 clip, 2 cup washers, a 3″ to 5″ bolt, and a lock nut. These parts make up the RSIC-1 TTC™ clip.

RSIC-1 TTC™ UL Assembly G505:
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  1. Clip Dimensions RSIC-TTC (PDF)
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